Background and Mission

It is increasingly recognized that the development of Africa requires the qualification of its human resources. It is in this sense that vocational training seems particularly important in an environment marked by globalization and competition. The IST, which is a technical and vocational higher education establishment created in the form of a Private Law LLC by five partners (three engineers and two managers), approved by the State of Burkina Faso, is part of this perspective. .
Its mission is to offer students, students and workers top-level courses during the day and in the evening classes.
Opened in October 2000 with 64 students and two tracks of BTS (Electronics and Maintenance Computer and Finance Accounting), the IST counts for the year 2011-2012 more than 500 students. The Institute has developed and implemented new training courses. Thanks to international collaborations, notably with the Cégep Régional de Lanaudière and the International Center for Applied Higher Studies of Canada, several curricula in various fields of computer science, biomedical maintenance and agribusiness have been developed.

Organization chart and staff

The Institute is organized according to the following instances in accordance with its legal status of SARL and the specifications of private higher education in Burkina:

  • The general direction,
  • Academic Direction,
  • The General Secretariat.



Instances of the IST

Composition of the Scientific Council

In accordance with the specifications of private higher education in Burkina Faso, the Scientific and Technical Council includes:
A President: Pr. Jean de Dieu ZABSONRE;

Council Member: Abdoul Salam GANAME

DG and Member: Issa COMPAORE

Member of the Board: Mamadou AOUBA

Council Member: Jean François KAMBOU